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Vasquez Academy Reviews

  • During my 5 years with the Vasquez Academy I have seen my Martial Arts skills improve dramatically along with my physique. I have been an athlete all my life, and there is no better workout I have ever encountered than what I find at the Academy. Head trainer Rudy Vasquez keeps training interesting and fresh, all the while building a solid foundation to your fighting skills that can serve you both in the ring or the street. If you are looking to combine incredible fitness with fundamentally solid skills training, I highly recommend the Vasquez Academy.

    Chris Marcus
  • The academy is a great place for kids to learn - he believes in them and encourages them to go beyond their comfort level. Our daughter has grown so much in her confidence since the first day of class and it's all thanks to the academy. Thank you guys for all you do.

    Gus Yanez
  • My family has been going to Vasquez Academy for over two years. The self confidence & discipline they have learned alone are worth staying. It is truly a gym for the whole family to enjoy.

    Jennifer Garcia
  • My family and I trained with Rudy a few years ago! Rudy is the reason my family and I fell in love with MMA! He is an amazing and very patient instructor! Rudy & Nora made us feel like not only students but family too! He gives you confident and makes you believe in yourself! Rudy is very humble and one of the most knowledgeable and experience MMA instructor we had the privilege to train under even up to now! Rudy and Nora was a blessing to my family and I and will always have a special place in our hearts!

    Amanda Youngblood
  • We love Vasquez Academy. My 7 year old daughter has been in the kids class for a year now and her confidence is growing every day! She's even competed in a jujitsu tournament. Rudy is a great teacher and very encouraging to all. I highly recommend to anyone looking to start their kid in martial arts.

    Brooke Dorsey Mcmillan
  • Love this place! It's very affordable and they are very personal with my son! They have many options for classes. The gym is very nice as well. I absolutely love it.

    Michelle Ashley
  • My son loves it his been with the academy for 2 years and has learned so much. The people are great the teachers are awesome

    Melissa Ramirez
  • Awesome facility, Mr. Vasquez is an excellent coach & legitimately cares about your progress above anything else.

    Manuel Reyna

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