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Never Too Old To Roll: Reinvigorate your martial arts game with patience, wisdom, longevity, and integrity.

Overcome younger and faster opponents with longevity and determination.

Why Old Man Jiu-Jitsu is Right for You

It can be difficult getting older. Each day carries with it a growing realization that we're getting slower, and the aches and pains we feel are not just lingering but also multiplying.
Whether you train in martial arts or not, this reality becomes a mandate to live and/or train differently because who you are today is not who you'll be tomorrow or the day after.
It's time to take back your body, your energy, and your martial arts game. Reach your goals with the patience, longevity, wisdom, and integrity of Old Man Jiu-Jitsu. Out perform and dominate opponents regardless of their speed or youth, and you can do it all with the Old Man himself, Todd Nelson.

Meet Todd "Pops" Nelson

Creator of Old Man Jiu-Jitsu & Instructor at Vasquez Academy

Todd is a 58-year-old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 3-stripe brown belt practitioner and instructor, mentored by 3rd-degree black belt Professor Rudy Vasquez, under 8th-degree Coral belt, Master Carlos Machado, specializing in both BJJ and MMA. Known for his unique ability to connect with older practitioners, Pops goes beyond merely instructing, enhancing their grappling skills through practical wisdom and guidance.

Being intimately acquainted with the challenges faced by mature practitioners, Pops has not only learned but also developed practical solutions to reintegrate seasoned as well as new students into the competitive arena. Longevity in combat sports is a paramount concern for him, as he endeavors to empower older grapplers to dominate on the mats while maintaining an active life off them. Pops has crafted a comprehensive training system, allowing him to engage in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA sessions seven days a week, completing an impressive average of 90 rolls per week for the past four years and counting. A fusion of scientific knowledge, relentless hard work, and well-honed skills has not only enabled him to survive but to truly excel on the mats.

What You'll Expect in Every Old Man Jiu-Jitsu Class: A Dynamic & Transformative Experience

Step into the world of Old Man Jiu-Jitsu and prepare for an incredible journey of growth and empowerment. In every Old Man Jiu-Jitsu class, you can expect:

Stretching & Warmup

Every BJJ class begins with a stretch session intended to get students warmed up for the techniques ahead. Warmup may include some mild exercises but all will be done with guidance and the individual needs of students in mind.

Technique Instruction

Each class features detailed instruction on a specific technique, complete with demonstrations by the Old Man himself. Students have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback, ensuring they understand the technique thoroughly and can execute it correctly during live training.

Live Training or Sparring

Live training, also known as sparring, is a crucial component of BJJ classes, allowing students to practice techniques and apply them in real-world scenarios with actual opponents. This stage also provides a unique opportunity for more experienced students to teach and mentor their less experienced counterparts, fostering a supportive learning environment and promoting continuous growth within the BJJ community.

A Closer Look Into Our Classes

Incorporating Our Top 5 Fundamentals of Every Old Man Jiu-Jitsu Class:


Stretch & Warm Up

A proper warm-up is essential for preparing the body and mind for the challenges ahead. In every class, we begin with a series of stretches, and mobility drills. This warm-up not only helps prevent injuries but also sets the stage for effective learning and skill development.



The core of any BJJ class revolves around teaching fundamental techniques that form the foundation of the martial art. By breaking down each technique into easy-to-understand steps, students can grasp the concepts more efficiently, while experienced practitioners can refine their skills and deepen their understanding.


Drilling & Repetition

Mastery of BJJ techniques requires consistent practice and repetition. In our classes, we allocate ample time for drilling, allowing students to practice the techniques they've learned under the watchful eye of the instructor. This focused practice helps solidify muscle memory and ensures students can execute techniques effectively during live training.



The final and most crucial step in running an outstanding BJJ class is incorporating live training, also known as sparring. Sparring allows students to apply the techniques they've learned in a real-world scenario, helping them develop timing, strategy, and adaptability. Furthermore, sparring provides an opportunity for more experienced students to mentor their less experienced counterparts, fostering a sense of community and mutual growth.

Every Old Man Jiu-Jitsu class at our academy is engaging, educational, and enjoyable for practitioners of all levels.

Our approach differs from other martial arts by emphasizing patience and longevity in the face of speed or strength, making BJJ accessible to a wider and older range of individuals and promoting personal growth through continuous learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

See some of our most common questions and answers below.

We're More Than Just a Training Facility

At our academy, we believe BJJ is more than just a martial art - it's a way of life.

This means we strive to create an environment that goes beyond technique instruction and live training. We foster camaraderie among students and instructors, promote open communication between all members, and encourage everyone to challenge themselves in order to reach their maximum potential. We also provide social activities such as barbecues and game nights that allow individuals from different backgrounds to come together as a community and share experiences outside the dojo walls.

By creating these opportunities for meaningful connections, we build an environment based on mutual respect and understanding that promotes personal growth through friendship and collaboration.